In a society of opposites, where technological advances and generalised speed coexist with sustainable currents at all levels (vital, natural, technological, and of course, cultural), we want to bring to the stage in this Season 20/21 two totally different proposals that complement each other. The two sides of the coin, the two sides of our reality.
On one hand, All the defects of the human being, with Generation Kill (Stefan Prins) being the thickness of the concert, we present an hour of music where the most advanced technology leads the visual and sound course (November 2020 concerts).
On the other hand, opposed to our first concert proposal focused on highly digitized music, we would like to flip the coin and re-think about how we musicians use this technology: The Enchanted Everyday (April 2021 concerts). Is it necessary to always use the latest and most expensive version of a hardware/software? How accessible (and affordable) is art and new music becoming many times when using music technology? We would like to explore concepts such as tech-recycling, lo-fi or DIY/DIT/DIWO philosophy applied to music technology; try to find a more ethical and humble way to approach it.


Our Statement

Among the goals we pursue in our programs, and specifically in the 2020/2021 season, these are the following:

  • To connect the Ensemble CONTAINER with the Swiss public and the Swiss art scene. 
    • Being Basel our main base place, we would like to expand our activity around other cities in Switzerland. Not only with concerts and performances but also through artistic collaborations with swiss artists and composers where we aim to connect with the young, innovative swiss art scene.

  • To promote the female/non-binary creation in music and sound art.

    • While it is true that this is a demand that has been promoted and denounced for years, the reality is that there is still a long way to go. As artists, we are aware of our commitment towards a fair gender parity. We take very much into account the search and commissions to female and non-binary artists.

  • To propose artistic ideas that propose a collective social and cultural reflection.

    • We would like to bring today’s music closer to all audiences. That is why our programmes include a basic reflection on social aspects, on our relationships, on our new way of living. In this way, we seek to connect with the audience and generate a starting point for dialogue, enrichment and progress as a society.

  • To create a space for artistic development where it is possible to accommodate inclusion and relationship with other artistic disciplines.

    • It seems logical that in an interconnected world the arts should be part of it. The fact is that each of the artistic manifestations naturally connect or complement each other, thus expanding their expressive capacity.

The ensemble

Sara Mendez
Sara Mendez

saxophone, artistic team

Roberto Maqueda: percussion & artistic direction
Haize Lizarazu: piano, keyboard & artistic direction
Sara Méndez: saxophone & artistic direction
Víctor Barceló: percussion
Miguel Angel García: percussion
Joan Jordi Oliver: saxophone
Jacobo Hernández: violin
Leo Morello: cello
Chris Moy: e-guitar
Haize Lizarazu: piano, keyboard
Jan Gubser: sound engineer
Luciano Azzigotti: founder

Roberto Maqueda
Roberto Maqueda

percussion, artistic team

Haize Lizarazu
Haize Lizarazu

piano, artistic team